Our mission at the Christian Minority Project is to make Christianity Global. We aim to put educational material, both in literature and resources, in as many minority languages as possible. Through the help of a volunteer community, the ends of the earth will be reached. Wycliffe gives some good statistics on where we Christians are with Bible translation.

Number of languages that have a full translation of the Bible
Languages 9.5%
Number of people with access to a full bible
People 72.7%

These numbers tell us a lot about the state of Christian translation in general. If only 9.5% of languages have the entire bible in it, then how many less have christian resources translated into it? About 30% of the world’s population has no access to scripture. A lot more than that have no access to christian resources. All we can say is thank you Wycliffe and all the other amazing bible translating organizations. With that being said, many see the benefit of having Christian resources available to them in the forms of daily living books, bible studies, commentaries, academic literature, etc. These things help aid us in understanding and living out what scripture commands. CMP wants to help fill this need.



Sadly, not everyone gets the opportunity to live in a society that allows and embraces Christianity. In many languages of the languages of the world, Christianity rarely exist both in speech and in word. Wycliffe and other translation agencies  have done a fantastic job on getting scripture into  many minority languages across the world. Now, we must embark on christian resources for these people also. This is no easy task, but in pulling our resources together, the task becomes manageable. As volunteers seek to work with CMP, a task-force of administrators and translators are placed together on projects to accomplish the overall goal of reaching the nations with education.


We need you
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